All 16 photographs from the exhibition “MATERIAL” are available in limited signed editions.
For orders, contact [email protected] with the name and dimension of the requested photograph.

Available dimensions and prices

· 1000 x 700 mm (limited editions of 8) – 3500 SEK (5000 SEK / pair)
· 700 x 500 mm (limited editions of 12) – 2500 SEK (4000 SEK  / pair)
· 483 x 328 mm (limited editions of 10) – 2000 SEK (3000 SEK / pair)
All prices include shipping in Sweden. International shipping is also possible on request.

More information about the project Material

 Through various assignments and personal explorations all around the world, French photographer Clément Morin assembled a vast collection of diary-like photographs that reflect on his own perspective on the world. 

Capturing everyday cityscape episodes and breathtaking outdoors sceneries, the exhibited diptychs reveal an unspoken dialogue where urban structures mimic nature and vice versa.

Through this project, the photographer aims to bring attention to the building grounds of our urban spaces: untouched, magnificent wilderness. And the need to keep it that way. ”

Gallery M5, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.



Santiago, Chile. 2019

Atacama, Chile. 2019

Los Gigantes, Tenerife. 2016

Williamsburg, New-York. 2015

Landmannahellir, Iceland. 2014

Stockholm, Sweden. 2015

Los Pedregales, Tenerife. 2016

Tokyo, Japan. 2013

Hiker, Sweden. 2016

WTC, New-York. 2015

Höga Kusten, Sweden. 2016

Fog, San Francisco. 2014

Wild Horses, Iceland. 2014

Runners, New-York. 2015

Yosemite, California. 2014

Brooklyn Bridge, New-York. 2015